Bomber Mario

Bomber Mario

Eliminate your enemies using bombs and find your way out of the maze
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Bomber Mario is a fun and addictive arcade game where your goal is to eliminate your enemies using bombs and to find your way out of the mazes.
During installation it offers you to set the developer's website as your default homepage. Be careful to uncheck this option if you intend to keep your browser settings as they are.

Once you finish installing, a window will appear to let you configure the game settings, like screen resolution, graphics quality and controls. You will be able to modify these options every time you launch the application.

This game comes with dozens of challenging levels where all you need to do in order to win is annihilate the turtles and find the exit from the labyrinth. Be careful though, you will only have 3 lives at hand, so try not to get injured by the enemies or by your bombs. If you lose all your available lives you will have to replay the levels you have already completed.
After you complete a level, your progress will be automatically saved. The more turtles you eliminate, the bigger your final score will get.

Briefly, Bomber Mario is an addictive arcade game for all ages that will keep you in front of your computer for hours with its challenging mazes.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Available for all ages
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable interface
  • Autosaved progress


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